Thursday, December 29, 2011

new do.

I got a hair cut! I've been in need of one for at least 3 months, but I haven't had a chance to do it. My split ends were getting so nasty, I would just sit in class and pick at them, which was entertaining for me, but probably gross and rude for everyone else. So, since it's break, I took the chance and made a big change. My hair was as long as it's ever been... like in my whole life. I've had really short hair since I was a little girl, like, creepy short. As I grew up, I started growing it out, but I always get bored with it looking the same, so I always cut it off in lieu of continuing to grow it. And, this time was no exception. I wanted a drastic change, so I cut off 7 inches! I also got side bangs and lots of layers. It's so much different and I love it! Since sophomore year, I've been getting blonde highlights like twice a year, but I was getting kind of tired of that too, so I got lowlights this time instead. They're black-brown and auburn and they made my hair look a lot darker, it's crazy! Adam is going to be really surprised by it when he gets back. Hopefully he likes it! But if not.... not a whole lot that can be done!

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Jesus is born! I had a wonderful Christmas with my family.... dinner last night with my cousins and aunt and uncle then midnight mass with my dad and the Kornfeld's since mom was cantoring. Between the two, we opened family gifts where I got a trip to Disney! I'm so sooo excited to start planning it. Then I got to sleep in this morning since mom had to cantor another mass and wasn't home til 10:20 anyway. When she got home we ate breakfast then Adam came to say goodbye before he leaves for Rome in the morning. I'm trying really hard to stay positive about that.... but that's a different story. We opened gifts in the early afternoon and I got mostly stuff that I picked out on Black Friday, plus a few things like Beats by Dr. Dre headphones (pink of course) and a picture collage frame. My dad made a wonderful dinner for us, pork loin, party potatoes and carrot casserole, and Meghan came over to eat with us! I've spent the rest of the day jamming to music and planning our Disney trip... so far we've set a tentative date but are struggling to find a hotel that is in a good location but isn't going to be a bazillion dollars. It doesn't help that we're planning to go in a peak season because there isn't really another time that will work with our busy schedules. Regardless, I'm stoked to go to Disney (and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!) one final time before I go to college. Adam went in October and hearing all about his trip has made me more eager than ever to go. So it's been a wonderfully anti-climatic Christmas, to be followed by a not-so-wonderfully anti-climatic Christmas break. I feel like Adam being gone is going to hit me hard, and it's difficult for me to plan things to do because our schedule for cheer is totally up in the air. #firstworldproblems

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

tis the season.

I'm officially done with high school finals (unless something unusual happens...)! All of the end of the semester stuff has eaten up my time lately, so I haven't blogged, and now I'm not even sure what to say! Nothing too exciting has happened... Christmas is only a few days away though! We had our friend secret santa brunch today and I'm going to an ugly Christmas sweater party tonight, which should be fun! Other than that... seriously, I have a boring life.

iphone pictureeeeee.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


My life has literally been taken over by stuff to do. I haven't bought a single Christmas present and I really can't forsee a time when that will happen. But at least I know what I'm getting for people for the most part. I wasted a lot of time tonight and reread my old blog posts. The recurring themes were blogging as a form of procrastination and me being busy. Nothing's changed this week. And to add to it, finals are next week to I need to start studying for those. Not cool bro. 

In other news, I just ate a cheeseburger and wrote two papers. I feel accomplished enough to quit for the night and go to sleep. So, goodnight world, I love you!


Monday, December 5, 2011


I haven't blogged in LONG time. But then again, I've been extraordinarily busy. I don't even really have time to be blogging right now, but I'm not sure when my next free moment will be. I just wanted to do a quick post to prove I haven't forgotten about my little bloggy. Everything's going well, there's just lots going on to get ready for Christmas and finals and all that jazz. ANDDD, I just got an email saying my iPhone has been shipped and is on its way!! Sooo excited!

Songs keeping me sane (because let's be honest, without my iPod, I'd be a much less agreeable person)...
1) Pictures of You - The Last Goodnight
2) Superman - Five for Fighting
3) Little Lies - David Barnes
4) Mother to the Moon - Jason Myles Goss

in my opinion, pointe is the most beautiful form of dance. i always wanted to be a pointe dancer but because of injuries and other problems, it never happened. the technique and skill required for it is astounding.

i went to see my school of dance's production of the nutcracker this weekend and it was fabulous!