Thursday, June 30, 2011


Welp, today was super eventful... except not. I woke up early and went to mass. Then I went to the mall and bought a new bikini (a gift for myself after losing 20 pounds in the last few months). After that I had a wonderful orthodontist appointment and I officially never have to go to another one ever! Some people came over in the afternoon and we tanned and swam and I got super duper sunburnt on the backs of my legs. It hurts like a bitch to sit on them now. Finally, I went to Celebrate America dress rehearsal. It was hot as a mother outside and at least 10 degrees worse in the dressing rooms. It made long sleeve, turtleneck leotards so much fun to get in and out of... but at least they canceled practice for tomorrow night, so I can actually do something fun. Jackie and I decided to celebrate and we went and got Coldstone after practice. SOOOO good.

Um... I just want to let you ALL know how much I dislike ignorant people. That is all.

Manana is gonna be crazy busy but in a good way. Imma wear a sundress cause pants  hurt my sunburned ass. So I'm excited. Kay, buhbye.

"The days will come when you don't have the strength, when all you hear is you're not worth anything... wondering if you ever could be loved, and if they truly saw your heart they'd see too much." --- I guess not technically a quote... but I <3 this song.

peace, love and merry-go-rounds,
maggie erica

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So so tired. But it's so worth it. Last night Laina and I (and her little brother and his friend) went to see Transformers 3 at midnight! It was epic. Not as good as the first one, but better than the 2nd one. It was a drama filled evening surrounding the movie... but I won't go into that. Lets just say I almost kicked some ass more than once. So I got home from that at like 3:15 and had to wake up at 6 to go volunteer at the hospital. Me and lovely Brenda had a slow day, which made it even worse. But, I got trained in filing, sorting and faxing. Which was super exciting, let me tell you. I'm a master at it.

Also yesterday, I spent some time with the boyfriend and tanned by the pool... nothing too exciting, but it was enough for me. I needed a day to recover from TEC. Tonight I get to spend 3 hours in hell, aka Celebrate America rehearsal. I'm gonna get eaten cause I skipped practice last night... plus it's a million degrees outside and guess what... rehearsal is outside. yay. Kill me now? Just kidding... but it's gonna suck ass.

I guess I'm gonna go take a nap by the pool now and listen to some music.

cause I like to take webcam pictures of myself... does that make me narcissistic?

"Real elation is when you feel you can touch the stars without standing on tiptoe."

peace, love and merry-go-rounds,
maggie erica

Monday, June 27, 2011


So much stuff going on recently, its ridiculous! This weekend has been especially crazy because it was a TEC (teens encounter Christ) retreat weekend, so I was there from 7:30  in the morning til 10 at night on Saturday and Sunday, as well as spending the entire evening on Friday and most of today there. I was kind of a walk on helper... can't say too much of what I helped out with because of secrecy and such... just go through TEC. It's a gooood time. I spent the nights at my friend Laina's house (check her blog here) and we got a chance to catch up on so much... bitterness, freaking out, etc., which made our amount of sleep even less. But, I got to spend a lot of time with some truly wonderful people and every TEC weekend is a great experience. In a few weeks we'll be having another TEC - this one for the girls - and I'll be giving a talk... scary stuff.

The crazyness has only begun though! Its tech rehearsal week for Celebrate America... which means practice from 6-9 every night... outside... in a velvet leotard. I'm soo excited... and Jackie is too... plus I have to do my homework for my summer class. Ugh. So busy. But tomorrow night, I'm going to see Transformers 3 at midnight! Laina and I are super excited! 

I guess that's all for now. Don't be too insulted if I don't blog too much in the next week... we'll see how much free time I get. 

"Spread love wherever you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier."

peace, love and merry-go-rounds,
maggie erica

Thursday, June 23, 2011

adjustment bureau... win!

Look who's blogging again today! This kid! I guess this is gonna turn into more of a diary that I can look back on than anything else... but that's ohkay and equally useful I suppose.

So, it was casserole night. And it was the delicious casserole with the crackers on top, so it was even more wonderful than the regular casserole night. Casserole night obviously implies that Meghan was there... you're gonna start sensing a theme of her recurring in my posts. She's with me a lot. We are pretty much awesome. Maybe I'll even have an all about Meghan blog because I caaaaan.

Anywhooo... Meghan and I were watching some youtube and an ad for The Adjustment Bureau came on. We both were like 'OH, I wanted to see that!' so we went to Family Video and rented it. Holy shit cakes. It was so so soooo fucking amazing. The entire time we were on the edge of our seats freaking out over what would happen next. So goood, it's ridiculous.

My wonderful boyfriend (have I ever mentioned how wonderful he is?) burnt me a CD for our anniversary yesterday and I'm kind of addicted to some of the songs on it. It's a random combination of things, but for now, here's the ones I love...
Beautiful - MercyMe
Us - Regina Spektor
Samson - also by Regina Spektor
Awkward cause I didn't realize that Us and Samson were by the same artist until I looked it up 30 seconds ago. But that's ohkay, because they are WONDERFUL!

Besides those songs, recently I've had a few other obsessions...
1. Yes to Tomatoes shampoo and conditioner
2. Swimming (even though the weather sucks ass...)
3. Making friendship bracelets
4. New headphones from Urban Outfitters
5. Markers
6. Russell Brand (not that that's anything new...)
7. Ke$ha (because she's kind of my idol, let's be honest.)
8. So You Think You Can Dance
9. My rosary bracelet
10. White american cheese (is that a wierd addiction?)

ohmygoshness. Am I not just so super attractive? 

I guess my webcam is my other current addiction. Embarrassing. But look at that rockin rosary bracelet! 

Well, I guess that's all for today. 

"Don't count the miles, count the I love you's" 

peace, love and merry-go-rounds,
maggie erica

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

i lurve summer.

Today was a crazy busy day. I woke up insanely early and went to morning mass (yes... it's part of the Jesus loving thing.) and then went to the hospital. I volunteer in the therapy department and check people in and then page their doctor/therapist. Me and the receptionist Brenda (think Bren from Juno, they're basically the same person) get along wonderfully and it's just buckets of early morning sunshine... except for the crabby old men who smell like rotting flesh that come in for the wound clinic. Anyway... today I came home and changed out of my awful volunteer uniform and my wonderful boyfriend brought me lunch and we just got to spend time together. Theeeennnn.... we had a little Blanket Fairies shindig and made some blankets... not as many as I'd hoped but thats a-ok. But, then MEGHAN came over! She was in California for twelve fucking days and it was NOT ok. Now she's home though, so I can have a life again.  Ughhh... after that I went to Celebrate America rehersal. Agreeing to dance in that show was one of my worst ideas ever. EVER. Now they have me in a second number called 'Nifty 50'. Cause this show is THAT classy, let me tell you. Then my padres and I went out for a 'family dinner' then Meghan came back over. We are WINNNNNNNERS. 

Uh.. so yeah. In case you were wondering, that was my day. Super exciting for me... not so exciting for anyone else...

If you're looking for good music to listen to, check out Christina Perri's album 'Lovestrong.' because it's so so sooooo good. 

I'm super excited cause I get to watch my DVR'd episode of So You Think You Can Dance in the morning. It's sad when that becomes something that you really look forward to...

OOOH, and my friend Laura and I watched Revolutionary Road last night. I give it 1/10 stars, and I only give it the one because its Leo and Kate again. *Reunited and it feels sooooo good.* But it had a shitty plot and bad acting. So, it was a major let down. 

"Thanks a heap coyote ugly. This cactus gram stings even worse than your abandonment"

peace, love and merry-go-rounds,
maggie erica

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Well, I'm not sure that anyone will actually ever read this (except Jackie...), but if you happen to be, welcome to my blog. I'm not really sure what I'm going to post on here or if I even will, but I'm sure it will be full of my useless musings about life, love and laughter. Ready to your quick guide to all things Maggie? Here we go...
1. I like to make big plans for my life. Lets be honest, I have a list of like 20 kids names that I like, I've picked my wedding details a million times, I dream constantly about my future. I'm only 17... will any of this actually happen? Probably not. But I like to pretend they will...
2. My favorite color is pink. It's kind of an obsession.
3. I have the greatest friends in the world and the best boyfriend I could have asked for.
4. I <3 Jesus. He's pretty awesome and if you keep reading this blog, I'm sure you'll hear plenty more about him.
5. I'm an only child, but I have like 50 first cousins, so they make up for it.
6. I have a charity, which I'm sure you will also hear plenty about if this blog continues.
7. I don't really care about fashion...
8. Potatoes were the best gift ever bestowed upon the world.
9. The Afters and Relient K are my favorite bands.
10. I'm a quotes junkie... get used to it.
11. I dance. Tap is my first love, I've been doing it for 13 years... I also have experience in jazz, ballet and a little musical theater and hip hop.

"Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live."

peace, love and merry-go-rounds,
Maggie Erica