Wednesday, September 28, 2011

clashin 50s.

Ok, so I didn't have time to blog yesterday so I'm covering clash day (my personal favorite) and decades day together. Clash day has always been my spirit week day of choice. I don't know why but I love all the vibrant colors and patterns that fill the halls. As you can guess, I went all out for my senior clash day. It was fabuloussss.
Today was decades day. Each class chose a decade for their activities this week and then they had to dress in the today. Seniors chose the 50s, juniors chose the 60s, sophomores chose the 20s and freshman chose the 80s (an easy cop-out if you ask me). I dressed as a housewife... 98% of my class dress as a greaser or a pink lady, so it was kind of nice to be different. Although our film got 3rd place (which it didn't really deserve), we're still in first place overall and tonight is when all the really big stuff starts. We have hallway decorating tonight and ours is going to be so so so legit. I'm really excited for how it's going to turn out.

Monday, September 26, 2011


It was pajama day! If there is one thing I love in the world, it's comfy pajamas, and let me just tell you, footies are not comfy. They are sweaty and itchy and baggy and tight and just all around not so fun. I mean, it was cute and good for senior homecoming, but it wasn't the kind of comfy I was hoping for. Anyway, seniors dominated at trivia for our homecoming activity and are currently winning! This might actually be our year, which would be soooo unlike us. We suck as a class at homecoming. But, I'm super excited for the rest of the week!

In other news, it's raining really hard and my ceiling is leaking hardcore. There's a basin under the leak and it's already getting kinda full. It's annoying to hear the plunk every half a second. Ughhh... I thought we fixed this problem all ready last year..

only the bests!

our moosesss!

cuddling in ccl


Sunday, September 25, 2011


Well, blogging is probably the last thing I should be doing right now. I have sooo much homework.. an 8 minute theology presentation, 30 pages of Story of a Soul, an act and a half of The Tempest, a 3 page reflection on Mere Christianity, and a HUGE biology test to study for. But am I doing any of this right now? Of course not. My laptop is so much more enjoyable.

8 hours after the first paragraph was written and I still haven't touched my piles of homework. Except the Tempest.. I finished that. But only because my boyfriend read it to me... soo, now to go accomplish things I suppose.

this is the poster face for procrastination.

Friday, September 23, 2011


I have to go cheer at an away football game that's like an hour away. Not looking forward to it at all. The last few days have been crazy busy and it'll be a crazy busy weekend building up to HOMECOMING WEEK! I'm so so soo excited for my senior homecoming. All of it. Ohkay, so I don't necessarily get along with some of my classmates... but that doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to things like our senior breakfast, canstruction, hallway decorating and powderpuff with all of them. On Tuesday night, they're having a senior class pizza and movie party sponsored by a few of our teachers and I really want to go... it's one of those things that you only get the chance to do once, ya know? Sure there's some people who will be there that I'm not the biggest fans of, but I'm not gonna let that get me down. It's my freaking senior year, now's not the time to care about things like that. But, we have cheer Tuesday night... so I don't get to go. And it makes me sad. I also only get to go to half an hour of my senior hallway decorating. I mean, we've missed it for cheer before, and I understand that our cheer dance is a big deal, but it still kind of sucks. I know that I should be grateful that I get to go at all since seniors are the only ones who can.. but it's still a downer.

Next week is gonna be crazy busy but you'll get some fun pictures and such to look at when I get the chance to upload them.

lookin fly and ready to cheer...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Yesterday was crazy busy... went shopping with my mama then studied hardcore. I bombed the test I was studying for, which was awesome... but, I hung out with Adam for a little bit and he got me a moooose from his college visit! It doesn't take much to make me happy clearly..

ew psychology. that sums up my tuesday night.


Monday, September 19, 2011


Sleep. That's all I want right now. But I'm too lazy to move my ass and go to sleep. Kay, that's all.
pretty much sums up how i feel today.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Today I went to brunch with my family and then went to my aunt and uncles house and ate ungodly amounts of food. Now my mom is cleaning out my shower drain (and enjoying it WAY too much) and I'm jamming to Phantom of the Opera pandora. Should I do my CCL homework? Probably. Will I? Probably not. Kay goodnight.

I got on today and hearted like 10000 cat pictures. It was a little embarrassing.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

rockin da house.

Today was crazy busy. I literally spent my entire day out and about and this is the first time I've even come near my computer. I woke up and went to the mall with Meghan and Laina and then ate some A&W. It was gooood. Then Meghan and I went to school to help get things ready for hallway decorating so that come homecoming week we just have to put it all together. After that it was IPF (Irish Pumpkin Festival) time! IPF is a huge deal for our church and since my mom is in charge of it, we always help out and spend the day there. Meghan, Laura, Laina and I worked the inflatable obstacle course and it was boring.. but that's ok. We ate lots of foods and hung out until Rock the House.

Rock the House is always a highlight to my school year. It's put together by Vita Christi, which is our school's "Jesus" club I guess. It starts with eating and playing bags and kind of just hanging out, then we all moved into the auditorium. They had a Wii all set up and they had a teacher dance off. It was hilarious. The freshman theology teacher vs. the beloved janitor dancing to It's Raining Men, the advancement director vs. the senior theology teacher (who wore a wig and suspenders?) dancing to Proud Mary, the chaplain vs. the history/band teacher dancing to I Want You Back, and perhaps the best match up, the junior theology teacher vs. the wellness teacher/basketball coach dancing to Iko Iko. All of them were hilarious and it was great. After that, we played capture the papal flag (which may or may not be slightly sacreligious) and then we played a game where you essentially had to shove your face into something like horseradish, barbecue sauce, sauerkraut, or mayonnaise to win a gift card. It's super funny because the people don't know what they're shoving their faces into until its tooo late. Then there's confession and then, my favorite part of the whole night, mass. It's set up in the commons of our school instead of in the chapel and we all come together and sit on carpet squares. It's one of those experiences that's just really genuine. My freshman year it was pouring rain onto the skylights and it is one of those things I'll never forget.

I'm super duper tired now, so imma go to bed. Goodnight world <3


Friday, September 16, 2011

can you feel the loveee tonight?

It's 12:10 at night... and I'm blogging. What is wrong with me? I just got back from seeing Lion King in 3D with my boyfriend and it was wonderfulll! I loooove the movie anyway, so seeing it on the big screen was great. Plus, it was great to just spend time with him. We've been working through some misunderstandings and tough stuff recently so it was nice to have a chance for just the two of us. 

Earlier tonight I cheered at the football game as usual and we won 48-0. The entire second half was on a running clock, which was soooo fantastic. Um... that's pretty much it. My life is not very exciting. That's legitly all I have to say to you and it is now 12:13... time for beddd, goodnight <3

3D glasses for the wiiiiin

Thursday, September 15, 2011

seizing tambourines.

So, I decided I like to give you short blogs with a picture of my beautiful face at the end... because its easy for me. and I'm just soooo pretty.

I'll give you a quick recap of my day... I went to Battle of the Bands with Laura and Meghan at another high school in town. Some of my friends are in a band that was competing, so we went to support them. Let me tell you, after the 2 acoustic bands were done, things got sketchy. There was screaming and bad music playing and sketchy characters and pageant girls trying to be rockstars and strung out girls seizing on stage while 'playing' a tambourine. It was a crazy weird time. Although our friends didn't win, they did really well and the other acoustic band won, so we were still happy and they deserved to win. 

holy poop, look, i took a shower. and now i look icky. cause i have no makeup and my hair is wet and i have a HUGE zit. but its whatevs.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I'm eating a sandwich right now and it's really good. I got a haircut today and got highlightsss. ohhh boy. That's all I really have to say today.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

every day i'm strugglin.

This weekend was really kind of sucky. It definitely have it's share of redeeming qualities, but it was overall a real downer. I had a minor panic attack on Sunday.. only not to be a full blown panic attack because of my new found coping mechanism... scratching. Yeah... didn't even notice I was doing it until my finger was bleeding all over the place. Anxiety disorders are super fun. But, I'm learning to deal and it's so much better than it was last winter.. holy poop, looking back on that, it was a baaadd time. Mix that on Sunday with some other stuff and I was not in a good mood come Monday.

Today was much better... I felt like I could actually deal with life. I went to my old elementary school with my band teacher and a junior who plays trumpet to teach the 5th grade bandies how to play french horn. They kind of suck. A lot. We tried to all play the same note and ended up playing a random assortment of pitches. They happened to make a really good harmonizing chord... but that's not the point. None of them knew how to hold their horns or even empty spit (it's a fact of the instrument... gross, but necessary) and one poor girl had all her spit come out her bell onto her skirt. She almost threw up and it was nasty. I had boring classes and almost fell asleep in most of them.. which is always super enjoyable.

I think imma go bake something now.

ehh.. a picture of my face. cause blogs are boring without pictures but i don't have any pictures... so i use my webcam.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

sidewalk chalk.

This has been a goooood week. I don't exactly remember the last time I blogged... but it's whatever. Yesterday was especially wonderful. But, let's backtrack. On Monday we went dress shopping and all 3 of us found dresses! I absolutely LOVE my dress and the shoes I got to go with it. It's totally different from anything I've ever worn before, so I'm excited. Ohhh, and I finally got asked to homecoming too :) I mean, I knew I was going to have a date (I have a boyfriend after all...) but I was waiting for the official ask... ya know? It was soooo cute... he chalked my driveway with a bunch of inside jokes and such and then he was waiting for me down the road. I loved it :D So then we went swimming and it was marvelous!

In other news, cheer is sucky... I hate running laps as punishment for something I didn't do. I also LOVE when the other base doesn't catch the flyer and I get all the weight... so fun. And dance is wonderfuuul. My old lady class is getting bigger and some younger people are joining so its alrighttt.

All my friends have been sick lately and I've been crossing my fingers that I don't get it and until today, I was doing AWESOME. And then as I was sitting in psychology I was like, my nose is stuffy. Ever since I've been blowing my nose and sniffling like a crazy person. I'm not too happy about it, but I guess I'll survive...

bummer... this picutre didn't really turn out. well, it was a dead cat and said 'you killed it! 100 points!' ...don't ask. i <3'd it.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

pandora and papers.

I have officially applied for college. That's a seriously scary thought. I filled out the questions and wrote the essays and ordered ACT scores to be sent. Its all for real. Scary as hell.

Um... its been a kind of uneventful life recently. I ate at Sonic. And right now I'm listening to my Phantom of the Opera pandora channel and its playing some wonderful stuff to inspire me in writing my psych paper.

Tomorrow I'm going homecoming dress shopping in Chicago. It's gonna be great hopefully! I few of my friends and I are going in search of our perfect senior dress so I'm crossing my fingers that we find what we want. I have some things in mind... that are really different from what anyone would expect. It'll be interesting.

Right now, I'm jammin to some Can You Feel The Love Tonight. It's great.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today was dumb. I got home from school with a dead phone and all I wanted to do was charge it. But then, after being home for literally 5 minutes, the power went out. So... I got like 5% of phone charge, which lasted all of 3 minutes and nobody was home. The garage door wouldn't open, so I was stuck inside my house, alone with no phone, no internet, no tv and nothing to do. I was so bored, I bagged puppy chow for the football players. If you don't know, that means I was realllllly fucking bored. It was great fun.

The last few days have been thoroughly uneventful. I've jumped from dance to cheer back to dance again... in cheer, I got moved to a different stunt group because their base was dumb and not showing up for practice (if you're reading this, please know I sincerely hate your attitude) so now I get to do it instead. Oh the joy. And I now officially have 3 pulled muscles... one in my back, my groin (great word, I know) and on Wednesday at dance, I pulled a muscle in my thigh. Winning at its finest. 

Teeheehee, I'm uploading from Laina's computer tonight. New change of scenery for meeee! Buuut, she doesn't have a webcam sooo, you don't get to enjoy it. Sucks for you.

Hey, guess what, I love you.