Sunday, November 11, 2012

well, that happened.

So... this has been a crazy eventful weekend. Friday was the first men's basketball game so we all went to the game (which we won of course!) and then headed back to Gries to get ready for a party at the Coronado. It was a stoplight party so all of us (except Christy) put on our green and the pre gaming began. Alex took her first shot ever, and everyone else did a few, or 13 in James' case... except me cause I'm a chicken. So then we got to the party, which was lame as helllll. Everyone was just kind of standing around. My exact thought process was "I'm gonna have to get drunk to even have a decent time at this party..." so when Conor said "Maggie, hold my drink" I didn't exactly hesitate to try it. And it tasted like ass. My face immediately felt like it was on fire and so I kept drinking. When he got back, he took it back and was like "where'd my drink go?" Oops. So then I had to buy my own. It cost me $5 for a fucking cup that I knew I wouldn't be able to drink more than half of. But I did it anyway. And I kept drinking the jungle juice that tasted like cough syrup and it was nasty. Apparently I kept saying "this tastes so baaaaaaad," "why doesn't Ben like me? I just want him to like me again," "can I flip them off please??" and "don't let me call my ex boyfriend." Awkward life. But I know I was only saying the stuff about Ben because Christine told him to make out with Kate so he spent the whole night all over her. Which pissed me off at both of them. The whole time I was angry and wanted to leave so Alex just kept telling me to keep drinking and it would get better. And then he was talking to Alex and was like "I want Maggie and I to be friends again, I feel bad that it didn't work out." And then proceeded to say a million more drunk things. Lord only knows. So yeah. Then we left the party and a bunch of people went to Marg but Mari and I went back to Gries. I guess I tried to cartwheel across a major street too... which is real awkward. But by the time we got back to the dorm, I was totally fine. Christy, Alex, Ben and James got back not too much later and Christy was hurling her guts out. Which meant Alex and I got stuck holding her hair back while James and Ben sat there and giggled like little girls. Eventually we went to sleep at like 3 and had to be back up by 7:40 to do some more service for APO. After that, Alex, Rachel, Brad and I ran "the amazing race" all across SLU, which was so intense and I'm so sore from it today. We got 38th place out of 57, so it wasn't too shabby considering we had no idea what to expect. Then Rachel and I went to see the Rockettes last night, which was awesome and made me wanna dance, but I'm way too sore to even lift my legs. Today, I studied and went to the library (a first for me!) and almost killed my roommate and drove to Ted Drewes with the girls! Then tonight at 11:11, we're having a party in Alex and Christy's room (they live in 1111) since its 11/11! Weeeee!

Pray for me, my bio test tomorrow is gonna rape me in the asshole....

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