Monday, November 5, 2012

nothing new.

Life keeps on going. Thanksgiving break is in two weeks and I'm so excited to go home! I love everyone here but it's always good to get a break from all of them. Especially asshole exboyfriend who is sitting about three feet away from me and smells so good. It's ridiculous that I'm even thinking about it. What am I? Pathetic, that's what. Not too much new has been happening around her. Drunk people, drunk people and more drunk people. Yay. Kill me now. People are fucking dumb. I don't even have anything worthwhile to say in this post. That's pretty much it. Here's some pictures. I hardcore rearranged my room too. Life's good.
meet rapunzel. my bestest slu friends made her for me for my birthday. she has 7 hearts in her, one for me, nicole, molly, mari, alex, rachel and this little girl named bella who really wanted to put a heart in it too. it was precious. and i love these girls too much. 

yayyy new room arrangement! finally room for a futon!

alex's foot is bigger than my face. also, this is what happens, along with alex making up songs and us trying to learn how to wop/cat daddy, when its late and alex and i have cheese sticks on a sunday night.

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